Koi and Goldfish

Brilliantly colored fish add an immense amount of enjoyment to your water garden. They also help with the water garden's ecosystem by reducing the amount of string algae. Additionally, fish will help control the mosquito larvae population in the pond. They can be successfully kept in water that is only two feet deep.

Koi are among the most exotic of the coldwater fish available for your water garden pond. Koi are naturally tame and can easily be hand fed. The color ranges and patterns make them a unique addition and at reasonable pricing, an option you will want to consider.

Aquatic Plants

Enhance your water garden environment with a variety of aquatic plants. Water plants are a wonderful addition to increase the beauty of your pond or stream and have the added benefit of low maintenance.

Plants may include selections of water lilies, iris, dwarf bamboo, cattails, umbrella palm, dwarf papyrus, bullrush, cannas, floating plants, lily pads, and assorted underwater oxygenating plants.

Night blooming varieties of water lilies are also available. These open at dusk when all other lilies are sleeping. Additionally, perennial plantings, ornamental grasses, and ground cover help naturalize the water's edge.
Our Fish

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