Clearwater Garden Ponds has proudly served the Pinellas County, Florida area since 1998.  We offer unique indoor and outdoor living areas for residential and commercial customers.

Our specialties are Koi Ponds, Water Gardens, Waterfalls, and Fountains. We can suggest water features that enhance the beauty of your property or work with you to implement your ideas or designs. We strive to achieve a beautiful, calming and natural landscape for you.

We also offer monthly pond and fountain maintenance and cleaning services as well as water garden supplies, such as filters, skimmers, pumps and statuary. 

Relax outdoors while listening to the soothing sounds of water flowing over rocks. Show off your handsome new fountain or hand feed the koi fish. If you're planning a water feature project, 
call us at (727) 458-6768
Services Include:

Maintenance of  visual presentation of pond 
Maintenance of filtration including cleaning of  prefiltersand          pump maintenance 
Monitoring and partial water changes as  necessary
Supply and introduction of additives,conditioners,buffers, etc.     as required 
Administration of  al lmedications and treatments 
Provide instructions regarding feeding. 
You will also be provided detailed instructions on dosage and     frequency for   use  of  conditioners, enzymes and/or                    algaecides. 
Procurement and replacement service for livestock and 
supply items (fish food,   conditioners, algaecides, enzymes, etc. 
Regular "brush up" of pond perimeter  
Trim aquatic plants 
"Top off" the pond, pull up stringy algae, sticks,leaves,etc.  
Fertilize aquatic plants 

Koi fish - Clearwater Garden Ponds
Koi fish - Clearwater Garden Ponds


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